Grants Overview

The Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund Special Kids Special Families Grant Request for Proposal


Special Kids Special Families.  The Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund (JPMF) is dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs and their families.


The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for one year for specific programs/services that are cost effective and add significant value in the following categories:

Water Safety: 

Implement the JPMF Splash or programs for individuals with special needs to “be safe and have fun in and around the water”


Programs/services to encourage self-sufficiency, independent living, and vocational training


Activities for children with special needs and their families that encourage social interaction and fun to support the emotional health of the family

Eligibility Requirements

Grants are restricted to local government agencies, 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations, and private companies that provide services for people with developmental disabilities within the United States.  Grant allocations do not support administrative or operational overhead costs.

Application Process

All applicants should complete the online Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund grant application.

Funding Process

Each grant application will be reviewed.  Some grant applicants may be required to submit additional information prior to approval.  A request for additional information in no way guarantees eventual funding of the grant.

Applicants will be notified of award status within 45 days following receipt.  Typical awards range up to  $10,000.

Grantee Obligations

  • The grantee will be required to sign and return the Joey Memorial Fund Grant Agreement upon receipt. Grant funds will be forwarded once JPMF receives the signed agreement.
  • The grantee agrees to promote/advertise JPMF to participants and volunteers in programs funded by this grant; link to JPMF from their website (if they have one); and distribute flyers, newsletters, and other publications pertaining to JPMF programs. Materials will be provided by JPMF.
  • If grant award is for the implementation of a water safety program, the grantee will receive the JPMF Splash Program Guide which includes the 5 Splash safety rules, Splash curriculum, and suggested guidelines that have been proven to be successful.
  • The grantee must submit a report at the end of the grant period. The report must include the following:
    1. Number of participants with special needs that benefitted from the sponsored program
    2. Number of volunteers who worked with program participants. Include ratio of staff and volunteers to participants during a session.
    3. If the grant award is for implementation of a water safety program, include number of splash lessons provided.
    4. A brief impact narrative: an explanation of how the program impacted the individual, family and community involved. Demonstrate how program goals were met.
    5. Accounting of the expenditure of funds
    6. JPMF appreciates hearing from grant recipients and, specifically the clients served, about how the funded program changed/impacted their lives. Submission of photos, parent surveys and letters of support would be appreciated.
    7. Pertaining to water safety programs, what safety rule /lessons were taught and how were these implemented?
    8. Other information, as requested by JPMF.




Grant inquiries and concerns should be directed to:
Mailed to:
The Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund, ATTN: Grants
1019 Cameron St., Alexandria, VA, 22314
(703) 549-4444 FAX (703) 548-2076