Our Special Harbor

Our Special Harbor is a fully accessible theme park inspired by Joey’s love of the Chesapeake Bay. It serves as a sensory and creative destination, encouraging all children to embark on a water adventure in a safe, zero-water-depth environment.

Accessible For All!

Physical, emotional, social, cognitive and safety needs were all carefully considered while creating Our Special Harbor. Children with special needs can exhibit a range of sensory sensitivities. Our Special Harbor has attractions for all abilities cleverly arranged to encourage interaction and imaginative play. One end of the park features attractions with calmer stimuli such as interactive water tables and gentle water bubblers As you move through the park, the water attractions smoothly transition into more active play areas that can involve a greater degree of “wetness”, such as the skipjack’s dumping buckets and the waterfall from the overflowing crab basket. Both centerpiece attractions, the skipjack and crab boat, offer wide, wheelchair accessible entrances from both sides as well as bench cut outs and adjustable water cannons to ensure that ALL can enjoy the fun. No matter your age or ability, Our Special Harbor will have an adventure in store for you!

Our Special Harbor is the focal point for the Lee District Family Recreation area (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/rec/leerec/lee-spraypark.htm) in Fairfax County. Entry to the Sprayground is free of charge and water wheelchairs are available for use.

Our Special Harbor
Aquatics International Best Sprayground of the Year 2012